Nyzhnee Solotvyno

226, tract of Derenivka

24 hours a day
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Entertainment CenterChildren's playground and children's roomChansSportSPA center
Entertainment Center

Enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee, and have a nice time at the entertainment center, here you also have the following services:
• Billiards;
• table tennis;
• Airo – hockey;
• table football;
• darts;
• chess tables.

Rest for children

Thermal Star” – offers a children’s room, where children will be able to communicate with each other, creating a cheerful atmosphere and help to be in a good mood!
The head of the children’s room will be a caring animator – a specialist in children’s games and fun. In its arsenal there is a requisite for a variety of programs and fun. Developing programs, fun contests, and a huge amount of bright and pleasant impressions of staying in the children’s room of the sanatorium complex.

Children’s playgrounds


On the territory of the resort on the shore of the lake is a small house with a chan.

Bathing in the chan stimulates the work of the autonomic and endocrine systems, promotes the normalization of metabolic processes, improves the psycho-emotional state. The use of silicon, mineral, thermal water in a chan has a therapeutic effect on the skin and musculoskeletal system, and the regimens of the procedure contribute to the training of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. A unique procedure greatly improves your well-being, allows you to fully relax and create a wonderful mood.


The unique sports base of Thermal Star has everything you need for sports meetings, conferences and seminars. Sports facilities are built according to European technologies, which allows you to engage in sports at a professional level. The sports base with its sports equipment is great for individual and team training sessions.
On the basis of possible long-term residence and training of sports teams.

Sports infrastructure:

• The soccer field is artificial (dimensions from line to line 102.00m, 58.00m)
• Mini soccer field artificial (dimensions from line to line 17.20 m to 42.50 m)
• Tennis court artificial (size from line to line 20 to 40)
• Volleyball court
• Mini golf
• Tennis
• Summer exercise machines.