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Treatment at Thermal Star Health Resort

The resort profile Water proceduresPhysiotherapyCharacteristics of water (Buevt)
The resort profile

Medical indications:
The balneological procedures of the complex are unique due to the fact that the natural high-salinity mineral thermal waters of Transcarpathia (high-mineralized sodium chloride-weakly thermal and slightly mineralized hydrocarbon calcium-sodium) are rich in mineral salts, the special therapeutic properties of which have been known since ancient times.

Indications for treatment in Thermal-Star are diseases of the organs of the musculoskeletal system and the peripheral nervous system, skin diseases, as well as diseases of the cardiovascular system, digestive and genitourinary systems, general decrease in the vital tone, psycho-emotional disorders.

General contraindications to the appointment of natural therapeutic resources and physical factors:
• aggravation of diseases hypertension III;
• unstable angina;
• insufficiency of blood circulation above I st .;
• mastopathy;
• tumors of the mammary glands;
• acute and acute stage of the inflammatory process after surgery for malignant tumors;
• general medical contraindications for the appointment of hydrotherapy.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system:
• hypertonic illness of I-II degree with violation of blood circulation not higher than II century;
• coronary heart disease;
• stable angina above the functional class II without disturbances in rhythm, conduction and stage of heart failure no more than 1-st peripheral vascular disease;
• Obliterating atherosclerosis of the limb vessels;
• Obliterating endartering (with a violation of the circulatory system of the lower limbs I-II degree);
• acroangiogneurosis;
• varicose disease of the limbs without thrombophlebitis, or not later than one year after the episode of acute thrombophlebitis without trophic skin disorders and ulcers.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system:
• arthrosis primary (polyarthrosis, oligoarthritis, monoarthrosis);
• arthrosis secondary (in the investigation of dysplasia, arthritis, trauma, static disorder, hypermobility);
• ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterev’s disease) in the remission phase or with minimal process activity;
• reactive arthritis (after nasopharyngeal infection, post-vaccine, post-injection, etc.) in the chronic;
• stage as a result of rheumatic arthritis or polyarthritis (not later than 8-10 months after the end of acute or acute cardiac events, in the absence of or minimal activity of the rheumatic process, with insufficient blood circulation not higher than I degree).

Water procedures

Thermal pool

Thermal pool – is a balneological procedure, in which the patient is exposed to the natural flint mineral thermal water of Transcarpathia. Due to the unique composition of the thermal pool, it positively affects the musculoskeletal and peripheral nervous system, increases the immunity of the organism, decreases cellulite and improves skin condition.

In the pool, bathing is carried out at a water temperature of 33 – 35 ° C in the mode prescribed by the doctor.

Vertebral subcutaneous extraction

Sanatorium of Transcarpathia Thermal Star offers its patients an underwater vertical vertebral extraction. In the complex “Thermal waters of Transcarpathia”, the underwater extraction of the spine is a balneological procedure in which the patient is influenced by the temperature and chemical factor of thermal mineral water. Underwater extraction is carried out in the pool with natural thermal mineral water of the complex “Thermal waters of Transcarpathia” at a temperature of 34-36°C.
he procedure, in which the patient is influenced by the temperature factor, the chemical composition, which contains thermal water and features of the mechanism of operation of the equipment. The procedure for underwater extraction is prescribed in the case of spine disease, conducted by the appointment of a doctor in an individual mode under the supervision of medical personnel. After the procedure, rest is required in the horizontal position of 10-15 minutes. on a solid couch On the day of the procedure, long walks and travel by car are not recommended.

Therapeutic baths

• Aromatic mineral baths
• Pearl baths
• Carbonic Bathtubs
• Hydromassage baths and baths for underwater shower massage
• Whirlpool baths.

Other water procedures

• Contrast baths for the feet
• Hand and foot hydromassage baths
• Sharko Shower
• Aqua-aerobics
• Circular shower
• Ascending shower.


• Therapeutic therapy (gel cushions)
• Therapeutic massage
• Ozonotherapy
• Magnetotherapy
• Electrotherapy
• Inhalation therapy
• Lymph drainage therapy
• Laser therapy
• Hydro Laser Massage Gum
• Vacuum therapy
• Morning gymnastics
• Scandinavian walking
• Bicycle therapy
• Salt room
• Procedure for traction pulling of the spine (dry extractor)
• UHF therapy.

Characteristics of water

Mineral water for internal and external application:

1. Thermal mineral water well number 32-T
• carbon dioxide, high-silicon, highly mineralized sodium chloride, slightly acidic thermal water, such as Wiesbaden (Germany) – according to the conclusion of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Therapeutics, this water is a mineral therapeutic conditioner for external use.

2. Mineral water well number 5-07
• Slightly mineralized, highly silicic, hydrocarbonate, calcium-sodium water, in its composition belongs to weakly mineralized flowing waters of the Caldur-Pyrenees type (France). According to the conclusion of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Spaology, this water can be used for medical purposes with external and internal application.